Live Beyond Limits

Living in the countryside gives guests the opportunity to connect with nature, to experience the local culture and rediscover true wellness. Wellness comprises of relaxation, sufficient sleep, healthy eating and exercise, all attributes guests can acquire within the estate. Kick start their morning with a healthy breakfast that will boost their energy levels, workout at the gym or attend a yoga session in the countryside, horseback ride within the calmness of nature and enjoy a good night sleep on plush fabrics in the privacy and tranquility of their room.

Experience the Serene beauty of the Countryside

Filia Estate offers a great array of activities and adventures in order to nurture the wellbeing of its guests and bring them a step closer to the local culture and the greatness of nature. Whether attending a yoga or fitness session, a cooking class, a winetasting tour or a horseback riding adventure one thing is certain. You will feel rejuvenated to your core.